Need more projects! (sort of :P )

Do I really need more projects ? NO ! according to my hubby.  He said I should finish a couple 😦

Technically I am caught up on one of projects (block of month) So that means  I have time for another one.

Browsing patterns and pictures on Ravelry and Pinterest is “almost” as fun as purusing through the yarn store.  Maybe a close 2nd.

Well I am going to add another project to my plate Starting Monday.  I have found that my favorite projects right now are Crochet-A-Longs or Crochet Crowds Stitch-A-Long contests ( I have to win a bag of Yarn dangit !!)…I guess I find it fun to work on projects with a group and share progress and see others progress…

I know I should finish my 3rd bag of unfinished WIP’s.  My third bag is the boring stuff.. or what I have deemed boring.  A couple of the items are for my Etsy store, so I really should finish them finally and get them in the shop.

If you want to make a baby blanket with me and the crochet crowd feel free to join. Click on the link above. I am going to go to JoAnns or Michaels and get my Bernats baby blanket yarn.. Yummy! That is soooo soft 🙂


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